Ultimate Guide to iPad LCD Screen Sourcing

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In the iPad fix industry, albeit the low market demand for iPad aftermarket LCD panels in the iPad repairs sector, purchasing screens that satisfy customer expectations can not only save costs and boost profits, but also draw in new clients. Now, I’ll share with you how to source iPad LCD panels.

By and large, there are 3 qualities of aftermarket iPad screens available on the market:

Original iPad Screen

The original iPad screen is primarily from the dismantled original screens . The touch sensitivity and screen to display effect are identical to the original . The cost is exorbitant . The market’s original dismantled screens are currently out of stock , and the supply is erratic.

Original FOG

The iPad’s original FOG LCD is the same raw materials as the original iPad. After installation, the color and touch of the display are nearly identical to that of the original screen, and quality is assured. It is a cost-effective product of a lower cost than the original.

iPad Assembly Screen

The iPad assembly screen is assembled and modified with the screens of other tablet brands. Different brand tablet computer assembly screens have the same touch sensitivity, however a portion of the backlight colors are erroneous and cold. The pricing is less expensive, but the screen display effect is a little inferior than the original.

About the iPad touch screen

The original FOG, the original iPad touch screen, and the screen made in the domestic assembly screen is all of the comparable quality. All of them employ G+F technology. The panel has 32 touch channels, a 93% light transmittance, no polarization issues, and no rainbow pattern.

About iPad LCD Assembly

High-end iPad models like the iPad Pro and others often employ the iPad LCD assembly. Fewer iPad LCD assemblies need to be replaced, and touch glass damage is the main cause of screen damage. The combination of glass and liquid crystal, as well as the industrialized OCA vacuum lamination and defoaming, which is of higher quality, are the advantages of the iPad LCD assembly. The iPad LCD assembly’s variation in quality can be attributed to the manufacturer’s quality controlled standard as well as whether the assembly’s structure and dimensions can reach the effect of 1:1 with the original.

Where to find a good iPad LCD screen supplier?

All kinds of the high-quality iPad digitizers offered by SensePluz come with a one-year warranty. The faulty rate is kept below 1% thanks to our stringent quality control system.

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