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On October 14th, International E-Waste Day, the non-profit organization WEEE Forum released a set of alarming figures. These figures show that of the 16 billion mobile phones used globally, 5.3 billion will be discarded and become e-waste this year. This is a concerning amount of waste that has significant environmental and health impacts.

One solution to the problem of abandoned cell phones is to recycle them. This can help to prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills, where it can release harmful chemicals into the environment. In addition, recycling can help to recover valuable materials that can be used in the production of new products, reducing the need for mining and other resource-intensive activities.

Another solution is to repair and refurbish old mobile phones, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for new phones. This can help to reduce e-waste and also support the repair industry, providing jobs and boosting local economies.

Consumers can also take steps to reduce their own contribution to e-waste by purchasing phones with a longer lifespan and by properly disposing of their old phones when they are no longer needed.

Recycle cell phones.

Used mobile phones can be both valuable resources and potential sources of pollution. When properly handled, these devices can be refurbished and sold, or have their usable parts dismantled and reused. In some cases, even completely unusable mobile phones can be used to extract valuable raw materials. However, if not managed properly, heavy metals such as lead and cadmium found in these devices can enter the soil and groundwater, potentially damaging the environment and impacting human health.

Repair instead of replacement (best solution)

The Right to Repair Act, recently passed by the European Parliament, aims to improve the durability and repairability of electrical appliances in the European Union. A survey conducted by the EU in April found that 77% of consumers in the region prefer to repair their damaged appliances instead of replacing them, and 79% believe that manufacturers should be required to make their products more repairable or provide access to replacement parts. This legislation is intended to make it easier and more cost-effective for consumers to repair their appliances, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable economy.

The Importance of a Strong Supplier for a Repair Business

Having a strong supplier is important for any business, but it is particularly crucial for a repair business. A reliable supplier can provide the necessary parts and materials needed to complete repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner. This can help ensure that your business can meet customer demand and maintain a good reputation for high-quality repairs. Additionally, having a strong supplier can also help you stay competitive by providing access to the latest products and technologies, allowing you to offer a wider range of repair services.

The awareness of the importance of the environment has grown among both countries and individual consumers, leading to an increase in the demand for sustainable solutions such as repair services. This has created a large and long-term market potential for mobile phone repairs. In order to successfully tap into this market, it is crucial for repair businesses to have a strong supplier to support them. SensePluz is an excellent choice for businesses in this field, offering a wide range of products and services to support their repair operations.

  1. 15+ Years Experience

SensePluz has over 10 years of experience in the mobile phone parts industry, and our customers are located in 80 countries worldwide. We have earned the trust of more than 30% of the top 50 clients in North America.

  1. Factory Price

We offer factory prices for our products, as we are an ISO9001 certified factory with no middlemen. This allows us to provide the most competitive prices in the industry.

  1. Quality Control

Our production line is fully automated and our quality control team has an average of over 4 years of experience in the industry. This ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality.

  1. Professional Team

Our professional technical team is available to provide solutions for any problems with our mobile phone parts in a timely manner.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the increasing reliance of individuals on electronics and digital solutions. However, this increased use has also led to a growing problem of e-waste. In response, many countries have taken steps to address this issue, but these efforts will be ineffective without the support and actions of individuals.

This year’s International E-Waste Day focuses on the role that each person plays in enabling the recycling of electronics. The European Commission is currently working on new eco-design requirements for electronic devices to improve their durability, repairability, and sustainability. By making conscious choices and supporting initiatives to recycle electronics, individuals can help reduce e-waste and protect the environment.

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